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OK Incure is a subsidiary of OK Perintä Oy, a Finnish debt collection company. Together with our parent company, we belong to the quickly developing B2Holding financial group, which has expanded to nine markets in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Poland and the Balkans since 2013.

Our team has been gaining professional experience on the Estonian debt collection market since 1997. We specialise in the collection of both business debts and small debts of natural persons. The latter has become our main line of business in recent years and we make continuous efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of collection procedures in this field.

Our unchanging goal has been offering high-quality and efficient collection procedures in accordance with clients’ needs and specific features of debts to ensure client satisfaction in the procedure.

You can confidently entrust our experienced staff members with the expensive and time-consuming task of eliminating the consequences of bad debts.

If you have any questions, please contact us using your preferred method or our contact form.


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